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There are several facets of blood sugar health: one is gluconeogenesis or how the liver produces glucose from various sugar precursors. Another is the conversion of starch (such as ingested grain) into glucose. Tri Sugar Shield® is made with three plant extracts that work together to promote healthy glucose metabolism: sorghum bran, white mulberry leaf and phloridzin from apples.

This trifecta works to support balanced sugar production in the liver, encourage healthy insulin sensitivity, inhibit sugar-digesting enzymes and promote healthy glucose elimination.

Sorghum bran extract

Compounds in sorghum bran extract help balance the rate of sugar production in the liver, as well as support healthy insulin sensitivity.1-3 Sorghum extract also helps modulate PPAR-gamma, a gene receptor that promotes healthy glucose metabolism.4,5 Lastly, sorghum helps inhibit the enzyme alpha-amylase, which releases sugars from starch during digestion.6,7

Mulberry leaf extract

Mulberry leaf extract targets the alpha-glucosidase enzyme, which turns ingested starch into glucose.8,9 It also supports transporter compound GLUT4, which moves glucose out of the bloodstream and into muscle and liver cells.10 Mulberry promotes insulin sensitivity as well.11,12

Phloridzin apple polyphenol

Phloridzin is a polyphenol compound extracted from apple root bark. Preclinical studies suggest it may help maintain already-healthy blood sugar levels by targeting carrier proteins SGLT1 and SGLT2. This can both inhibit glucose absorption into the bloodstream and encourage healthy glucose elimination.13

Take before you eat

To get the maximum health benefit, take Tri Sugar Shield® right before eating carbohydrate- or sugar-heavy foods. Do your part to maintain your already-healthy blood sugar. Add Tri Sugar Shield® to your healthy nutritional regimen today.

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